Looking Back to the Future

Hayy in Serendip 塞倫迪普的海伊

Mariah Lookman

2021, 29m 47s

Mariah Lookman’s most recent film Hayy in Serendib is based on Islamic philosopher and polymath Ibn Tufayl's text Hayy ibn Yaqzan, set on an island in the Indian Ocean which may have been Sri Lanka. This text inspired Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe even as it speculates that the empirical observation which eventually gave rise to the Age of Enlightenment in Europe perhaps originated in this island through the protagonist’s efforts at understanding his environment and the world around him, isolated from human civilization. The work attempts to decentre the colonial lineage of rationalist approaches in philosophical inquiry and scientific method that is the core of modernity and progress.


Supported by Asian Art Biennale and Colomboscope, Sri Lanka

Mariah Lookman: Born, 1973 in Karachi, Pakistan. Based in Galle, Sri Lanka.
瑪麗亞.路克滿: 1973年出生於巴基斯坦喀拉蚩,現在生活和工作於斯里蘭卡迦勒。