Looking Back to the Future

Spring Water, Fault, Body 泉水、斷層、身體

Hanae Utamura

2021, 16m 3s

Spring Water, Fault, Body, is inspired by the journal entries of Hanae Utamura’s father, a scientist who spent his life researching nuclear energy. Performative, documentary and found footage is overlaid with the memoirs of a scientist who dreamed of peaceful use of nuclear energy during the economic growth of post-war Japan amidst the Cold War; in the aftermath of the WWII atomic bombs and prior to the Fukushima Nuclear Accident of 2011. In this feminist, intimate retelling of this history, the artist identifies the limits of scientific inquiry, the fragile links between humanity and the planet disrupted by single-minded pursuit of technological advancement and the scope of this legacy as crystalizing in a future strata created through ongoing geoscientific research in disposal of high-level radioactive waste in the deep underground.


Supported by Aomori Contemporary Art Center, Squeaky Wheel’s Workspace Residency program

Hanae Utamura: Born, 1980 in Takahagi, Ibaraki, Japan. Lives and works between New York and Tokyo.
宇多村英恵: 1980年出生於日本茨城縣高荻市,現在生活和工作於美國紐約與日本東京。