Looking Back to the Future

Our Lady of I Can Be Anything You Want Me To 我可以是你想要我成為的任何東西

Afrah Shafiq

2020, 3m 19s

In the interactive work Our Lady of I Can Be Anything You Want Me To, Afrah Shafiq presents the diverse imaginations that have lent form to the Marian figure all over the world, as she accumulates a user-built archive of still further benefic potentialities that can be lent to what she represents. The variously depicted icon of Mother Mary becomes a vessel into which we feed data, following the logic of machine learning, eliciting intuitive meaning and insight from an expanse of information that could potentially be contradictory as well. Taking off from historical precedent, the project is able to subvert the frequent imagination of the biblical figure as virginal, white, patient and forgiving, the ongoing archival project allows the possibility to reimagine her identity in radical, decolonial, syncretic, hyperlocal variations while also mirroring the need, desires and aspirations that inform each interpretation.
Visit ourladyofIcanbeanythingyouwantmeto to play with the shell of the Marian figure, explore her evolution and render your own version that will contribute to her constantly morphing form.


請參閱網站 ourladyoficanbeanythingyouwantmeto 並點選馬利亞圖樣以顯示各種不同版本的聖母樣貌,或者建造屬於你的版本。

Afrah Shafiq: Born, 1989 in Mumbai, India. Based in Goa.
阿夫拉.夏菲克: 1989年出生於印度孟買,現在生活和工作於果亞。