Looking Back to the Future

Motion Collage 動態拼貼

Ayham Jabr

2021, 8m 12s

Syrian filmmaker and graphic artist Ayham Jabr articulates the anxieties and urgencies of his conflicted, war torn context in an allegorical, futuristic alternate reality built from an archive of images published in the past issues of the National Geographic magazine. When the realities of the present exceed the capacity for representation in any certain terms, Jabr’s digital motion collages hurtle the inarticulable traumatic affects to a surreal scapes, that through the willing suspension of disbelief that is common in mythology to communicate eternal truisms, articulate his world in terms that would be comprehensible to divine powers that look from above or to the vantage point of extraterrestrial life, to aid holistic understanding as the extreme proximity of his experience would transcend the limits of the imagination of those who have not undergone such extreme circumstances.


Ayham Jabr: Born, 1987 in Damascus, Syria. Lives and works there.
埃罕.賈伯: Born, 1987 in Damascus, Syria. Lives and works there.