Looking Back to the Future

This is Not a Game 這不是一場遊戲

Angela Su

2021, 11m 15s

Angela Su’s fictional artist Rosie Leavers is the last remaining person to upload her consciousness to a video game. Contemplating during a pandemic year which also saw people’s resistance movements in many parts of the world, the work pinpoints the uncanny affinities between gaming and warfare strategies. They have mutually informed the infrastructure of both worlds since time immemorial when diplomatic conflicts played out on the battlefield of the 64 squares of a chess board to flight simulation technologies which were adapted to shape gaming experiences as we know it now. When the conflict is between the state and its people, she speculates that gaming strategies empower civilians in resistance movements to counter imperialism through its own operative logic. But once we upload our consciousness, are we able to return to the sensibilities and political motivation that inspired the revolution to begin with?

徐世琪虛構的藝術家Rosy Leavers是最後一個將自己的意識上傳到電玩的玩家。這件作品反思疫情期間世界各地出現的反抗行為,並且指出遊戲與戰爭攻略之間詭謬的相似性。自遠古以來,這些戰略即被應用於虛擬與現實世界,無論是以西洋棋64格棋盤推演外交張力,或者將格鬥模擬應用在遊戲當中。然而,當衝突體現在政府與人民之間,Rosy Leavers認為遊戲攻略對於人民的反抗具有賦權的作用,幫助人民以相似的運作邏輯與帝國抗衡。然而,當我們上傳自己的意識,我們是否能夠回到當初啟發革命的精神與政治動機呢?

Angela Su: Born, 1958 in Hong Kong. Lives and works there.
徐世琪: 1958年出生於香港,現在生活和工作於此。