Looking Back to the Future

An Uncertain Horizon 不確定的地平線

Karan Shrestha

2017, 7m 39s

An Uncertain Horizon, takes as its premise the Kathmandu Valley, surrounded by mountains that mark the city with the absence of a horizon. Daily rotations in this land where the mountain demarcates the sky from land, give rise to a sense of entrapment. Different temporalities coexist in the city that is the centre of wealth, administrative power, technology and security, yet the claustrophobic entanglement between tradition and modernity, capitalist desire and indigeneity, as well as urban and rural present the uncertainties of the contemporary. The absence of a horizon - a motif and metaphor for centuries for limitless possibilities, especially with regard to colonial exploratory mechanisms - and the work extends the predicament of the valley of Kathmandu to the global condition where the future is more imminent than ever, collapsing upon us.


Karan Shrestha: Born, 1985 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Lives and works between Mumbai, India and Kathmandu.
卡倫•席瑞斯塔: 1985年出生於尼泊爾加德滿都,現在生活和工作於此和印度孟買。