Looking Back to the Future

Manthan 攪乳海

Vibha Galhotra

2015, 10m 53s

Amidst the contentious relationship between tradition and modernity that paradoxically unfolds across India, Manthan refers to a legend from Hindu mythology in which gods and demons churn the ocean to extract the nectar of immortality. In continuation with Vibha Galhotra’s work on the political and economic impacts of water, the speculative performance in the film churns deleterious waste out of the severely polluted river Yamuna that flows through Delhi. The grey riverscape is antithetical to the sacredness of the river referenced by the practice of traditional scriptures. The individual frames showing a decayed and dying river hint at the broader narrative of our apathy towards nature and imminent ecological catastrophe.


Vibha Galhotra: Born, 1978 in Kaithal, Haryana, India. Lives and works in New Delhi.
維巴.迦霍特拉: 1978年出生於印度哈里亞納邦凱塔爾,現在生活和工作於新德里。