Looking Back to the Future

The Island

Tuan Andrew Nguyen

2015, 42m 5s

The Island is a narrative film set in a dystopian future, featuring differentially articulated existential concerns between the last man on earth, who escaped forced repatriation to Vietnam from the island Pulau Bidong - the longest operating refugee camp after the Vietnam War - and the last woman, a survivor of the last nuclear battle that wiped out all civilization. Entirely shot on the island, which once had the highest population density on the planet, juxtaposed with archival footage from its past that also captures the artist’s familial history, Tuan Andrew Nguyen reaffirms individual agency against the backdrop of civilizational error, and presents the culmination of the grand narrative of modernity as rising from an ideological conflict with the past.


Tuan Andrew Nguyen: Born, 1976 in Saigon, Vietnam. Lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City.
安德烈.阮俊: 1976年出生於越南西貢,現在生活和工作於胡志明市。