Looking Back to the Future

In the Name of Hypersurface of the Present 當下的超曲面

Umber Majeed

2018, 10m 22s

In the Name of the Hypersurface of the Present is a feminist reading of the nuclear history of Pakistan and what the ongoing discourse on the subject in the patriarchal, nationalist rhetoric holds for the imminent future. Various archival material from family photographs to stock imagery collaborate to frame the voice of a fictional Urdu poet from the future who articulates the patriarchal gaze which frames the affinities between the religious nationalist agenda and technocratic developmental desires. Using the 1990 nuclear tests at Chaghi Monument Hill on the day of the religious festival of Youm e Takbeer (The Day of the Greatness of God) as the point of departure the narrative travels backwards and forwards in time evoking various associations that emerges through the colour green and the shape of a cone assumes recurring metaphor for female anatomical forms, botanical references, light sensitive cells in the eye.

〈當下的超曲面〉以女性主義的角度詮釋巴基斯坦的核能史,以及有關該主題父權式的、民族主義式的論述對於即將臨到的未來所帶來的影響。透過家庭照片、網路圖庫照片等不同檔案材料,此作品形塑了一名來自未來的烏都語詩人,呈現宗教民族主義意圖與技術官僚願景背後的父權視角。作品敘事以1990年於宗教節日Youm e Takbeer(神至高之日)當天於查吉紀念山丘(Chaghi Monument Hill)執行的核能測試為起點,時序向前回溯、往後推展,探討綠色以及錐形所引發有關女體、植物、眼睛感官細胞的聯想。

Umber Majeed: Born, 1989 in New York, USA. Lives and works between Lahore, Pakistan and New York.
溫柏.馬濟德: 1989年出生於美國紐約,現在生活和工作於紐約與巴基斯坦拉合爾。