Looking Back to the Future

Before the Fall Every Movement is Aerobics 在崩塌前,一切行爲都是有氧運動

Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn

2016, 8m 19s

Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn, in response to widely circulated footage of the spectacular demolition of the tallest building in China with explosives created the work Before the Fall Every Movement is Aerobics and the hyperlink essay “The Multiplying Sun". The instantaneous ruination sets in motion shattered pieces in space creating hundreds of hypothetical solar systems, with their proxy ‘suns’ binding smaller particles around it through its gravitational force - as if they were hundreds of planets floating in space - creating a microcosm of the universe. This planetary logic of the destruction of what was once a testament to the industrial spoils of human inhabitation on Earth, reflects the neo-colonial desires for inter-planetary inhabitation that received impetus during the Cold War that followed the annihilatory anxieties of the Second World War and has accelerated its influence on popular imagination in the wake of compounding, self-inflicted civilizational crises, including but not limited to climate crisis.

The Multiplying Sun" is a parasitic essay written across the internet.

席堪特.斯古理撒理雅彭的〈在崩塌前,一切行爲都是有氧運動〉和超連結散文 “〈倍增的太陽〉".創作靈感為一則網路廣傳的影片,影片呈現中國最高大樓的爆破場景。影片中瞬間毀滅的景象在周遭空間創造了無數個假想太陽系,而他們的替代「太陽」則藉著引力吸引更小粒子,彷彿在太空中漂浮的數百個星球,形成微小版的宇宙。作品以星系詮釋毀滅,隱喻人們在地球上的各種工業開伐,反應了二戰後高升的毀滅焦慮與冷戰期間佔領其他星球的新殖民想望。這些觀感在人們造成的各種文明傷害,例如氣候變遷危機等,都不斷加劇。

Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn: Born, 1988 in Bangkok, Thailand. Lives and works there.
席堪特.斯古理撒理雅彭: 1988年出生於泰國曼谷,於此生活和工作。